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A Bead Tree



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  Beginner : No experience necessary          Beginner To Intermediate: You must                                                                  have some experience.  You should have                                                                  taken several Beginner classes.

  Intermediate: Experience is necessary       Advanced: Proficiency in several            in  several techniques.                            techniques is required.


      Stringing       Beadweaving       Right Angle Weave

   Getting Started Stringing  Getting Started Beadweaving    Right Angle Weave

      Dutch Spiral       St Petersburg Chain       Cha Cha

     Dutch Sprial with Bugles    St Petersburg Chain           Right Angle Cha Cha

      Flat Spiral 1        Brick Stitch       Spiral Rope

              Flat Spiral # 1             Brick Stitch Earrings                     Spiral Rope

     Flat Spiral 2        Breast Cancer Bracelet       Peyote Bugle

              Flat Spiral 2             Breast Cancer Bracelet     Peyote With Bugle Beads

     Brick Stitch Bunny        Netted Rope Bracelet       Right Angle Weave Earrings

        Brick Stitch Bunny                    Netted Rope             Right Angle Weave Earrings


    Curved Herringbone Necklace        Brick Stitch Bracelet       Netted Crystal

     Herringbone Necklace         Brick Stitch Bracelet         Netted Crystal Bracelet


    Russian Spiral        Right Angle Crystal       Chain Maille Bracelet & Earrings

   Russian Spiral Necklace          Right Angle Crystal                 Chain Maille Set


    Potawatomi Necklace        Getting Started Earrings       Slider

 Potawatomi Necklace       Getting Started Earrings                Slider


    Striped Russian Spiral        Striped Herringbone       Oglala

  Striped Russian Spiral           Striped Herringbone             Oglala Bracelet


    Double Spiral        Pearl Crystal Pendant       Brick Stitch Pumpkins

      Double Spiral               Pearl / Crystal Pendant      Brick Stitch Pumpkins


      Figure Eight Bracelet        Victorian Net Bracelet       Shag Bracelet

     Figure Eight Bracelet       Victorian Net Bracelet             Shag Bracelet


      Crystal & Drop Necklace        Snowflake Ornament       Brick Stitch Santa

  Crystal & Drop Necklace       Snowflake Ornament          Brick Stitch Santa


      Chain Maille Tree Ornament        Netted Ornament      Embellished Peyote

Chain Maille Tree Ornament      Netted Ornament           Embellished Peyote


      Brick Stitch Hearts        Daisy Chain Bracelet      Daisy Chain Bracelet    

     Brick Stitch Hearts             Daisy Chain Bracelet     Triple Spiral Bracelet


      Brick Stitch Hearts        Daisy Chain Bracelet       Slider No. 2

   Lakota Chain Bracelet        Brick Stitch Shamrocks            Slider No. 2


      Crystal Flower Bracelet        Daisy Chain Bracelet       Sapphire Ribbon Necklace 

    Crystal Flower Bracelet         Macrame Bracelet        Sapphire Necklace


      Knotting With Silk        Daisy Chain Bracelet       Crystal Charm Bracelet      Knotting With Silk          Flower Garden Necklace   Crystal Charm Bracelet


      Crystal Chain Necklace         Dreamcatcher Earrings       Kumihimo Basics   Crystal Chain Necklace          Dreamcatcher Earrings          Kumihimo Basics


      Chain Maille Daisy Earrings          Kumihimo Basics      Beaded Bead Earrings 

 Chain Maille Daisy Earrings               Spiral Surprise       Beaded Bead Earrings


       Basic Beaded Cabochon           Basic Wire Wrapping      Zig Zag Bracelet

  Basic Beaded Cabochon             Basic Wire Wrapping       Zig Zag Bracelet


       X & O Bracelet           Tennis Bracelet      Pearl Lace Bracelet

       X & O Bracelet                       Tennis Bracelet             Pearl Lace Bracelet


     Snowflake Pendant & Earring Set              Lace Necklace       Make a Watch

      Snowflake Set                          Lace Necklace                Make A Watch


      Make a Watch               Chevron Necklace        Herringbone Bracelet

           Bling Ring                         Chevron Necklace      Herringbone Bracelet 


      Free Form Ring               Meringue Lace Necklace        Beaded Medallion

      Free Form Ring          Meringue Lace Necklace    Beaded Medallion


      Wire Wrapped Cabochon               Netted Bracelet:       Fringed Delight Necklace

  Wire Wrapped Cabochon             Netted Bracelet        Fringed Delight Necklace

      Tublar Peyote            Crystal Wire Bracelet      Twisted Chevron Bracelet

          Tublar Peyote                    Crystal Wire Bracelet          Chevron Bracelet


    Bead Embroidered Bracelet            Beaded Pen      Caribbean Diamond Bracelet

 Bead Embroidered Bracelet               Beaded Pen                 Diamond Bracelet 


    Wire & Bicone Bracelet:            Antique Pearl Bracelet      Heart To Heart Necklace

   Wire & Bicone Bracelet           Antique Pearl Bracelet         Heart Necklace 


    Free Form Peyote Bracelet            Crystal Cuff Bracelet      Netted V Necklace  Freeform Peyote Bracelet          Crystal Cuff Bracelet       Netted V Necklace    


      Raw Elegance Bracelet                Bubble Bracelet                

   Raw Elegance Bracelet                 Bubble Bracelet                   Hug Ring


                      Embellished Spiral         Pearls & Wine Necklace        

      Gothic Lace Necklace              Embellished Spiral      Pearls & Wine Necklace  


      Byzantine Bracelet               Beaded Kumihimo         Cabochon Ring       

       Byzantine Bracelet                 Beaded Kumihimo              Cabochon Ring  


      Leather Wrap Bracelet               Chain Maille Earring Sampler         Crystal&Dagger Necklace       

   Leather Wrap Bracelet            Chain Maille Earrings    Crystal&Dagger Necklace  


      Netted Collar               Herringbone Flower Pendant         Peyote Pendant

          Netted Collar                       Flower Pendant               Peyote Pendant


       Netted Collar 2               Inca Puno Bracelet        Veronica Bouquet      

         Netted Collar 2                    Inca Puno Bracelet         Veronica Bouquet


       Stratus Bracelet               Cellini Spiral Necklace        Beaded Rose      

         Stratus Bracelet                Cellini Spiral Necklace           Beaded Rose


        Helm Chain Bracelet             Pearl Fan Necklace         V Neck Peyote Necklace     

      Helm Chain Bracelet              Pearl Fan Necklace     V Neck Peyote Necklace            

         Crystal Diamond Bracelet            Crystal Cubes & Pearls Bracelet         Wire Wrapped Cabochon #2     

   Crystal Diamond Bracelet    Cubes&Pearls Bracelet        Wire Wrapped Cab #2          

         Crystal Heart Pendant           Full Persian Weave          Tila Elegance Necklace     

       Crystal Heart Pendant    Full Persian Chain Maille    Tila Elegance Necklace 


         Tila Window Bracelet            Potowatomi 2 Necklace           Beaded Wire Ring     

        Tila Window Bracelet      Potowatomi 2 Necklace          Beaded Wire Ring 


         Beginning Polymer Clay           Polymer Clay Skinner Bland           Polymer Clay Millifiore Cane     

      Beginning Polymer Clay      Poly. Clay Skinner Blend   Poly. Clay Millifiore Cane 


        Kumihimo Bracelet            V-Neck R.A.W. Necklage           Kumihimo Bracelet   

       Kumihim0 Bracelet        V-Neck R.A.W. Necklace  Flower Embellished Bracelet


        Kumihimo Spiral Bracelet            Solitaire Prong Ring           Solitaire Prong Ring   

     Kumihimo Sprial Bracelet       Solitaire Prong Ring          Captive Bead Bracelet 


          Freeform Peyote Ring            Garden Necklace         Right Angle Weave Ring

        Freeform Peyote Ring             Garden Necklace        Right Angle Weave Ring


          Peyote Stitch Ring            Autumn Necklace          Bejeweled Pendant

          Peyote Stitch Ring               Autumn Necklace           Bejeweled Pendant     


          Crystal Passions Bracelet            Crystal Passions Necklace          Gold Rush Necklace

     Crystal Passions Bracelet   Crystal Passions Necklace   Gold Rush Necklace


          Gold Rush Necklace            Christmas Ornament          

     Dazzling Dagger Necklace       Christmas Ornament        Kheopatra Bracelet  


          Harmony Bracelet             Christmas Ornament         Basic Paper Quilling

          Harmony Bracelet              Christmas Ornament          Basic Paper Quilling 


          Paper Quilled Earrings             Beaded Christmas Card           Beaded Christmas Card            

        Paper Quilled Earrings        Beaded Christmas Card   Summer Brights Necklace  


          Captured Bead Kumihimo           

     Captured Bead Kumihimo  







  Beginner : No experience necessary          Beginner To Intermediate: You must                                                                  have some experience.  You should have                                                                  taken several Beginner classes.

  Intermediate: Experience is necessary       Advanced: Proficiency in several            in  several techniques.                           techniques is required.



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